Why Uranus has such a large tilt is still a mystery.

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One of its weirdest features is its tilt. .

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. The trapping of this internal heat could in part help explain Uranus&39;s extremely cold temperature in the its outer atmosphere (-216 degrees. 5 degrees.

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. Uranus takes about 17 Earth hours to complete one spin. .

. But Uranus is observed to be rotating parallel to the plane of the solar system.


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. Uranus has a sideways tilt together with its 27 known moons compared to the plane of the Solar System.

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The methane in Uranus' upper atmosphere absorbs the red light from the Sun but reflects the blue light from the Sun back into space.

Uranus is unique in the solar system.


Dec 21, 2018 Why Uranus is a lopsided oddity. Apr 7, 2020 The impactor that knocked Uranus on its side long ago isn&39;t quite so mysterious anymore. .

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The conventional thinking holds that soon after the solar system formed, Uranus was knocked on its side by a series of collisions with some of the numerous planetesimals that swept through the.

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This is due to its axial tilt of 98 degrees Earth only has an axial tilt of 23 degrees.

Uranus is tipped over more than 90 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system, and so are the.


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