INTERNATIONAL CALLS. 26mo Base Plan, 10 Plan and Family Plan (Parent Accounts).

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1 GB for 6.

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Life as my primary mobile plan in Singapore. The list of currently participating countries is below.

If subscribers travel to locations, not within the 15 selected counties roaming charges will fall back to Pay-as-you-go rates.

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Roaming packs Roaming packs are available. You can check the rates here We offer promotional roaming rates starting from S1.

Life users, Jetpac offered global data roaming, monthly hotel tickets, and free grouping lounge get in the event of flight delays. If you have roaming activated and have enabled call forwarding, you may be charged for any forwarded calls at the incoming roaming rate of the country you are roaming in plus the local Singapore outgoing call rate.

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However, please note that all roaming and International Call charges may not be fully updated.

With PAYG Roaming, you only pay what you use when roaming abroad. Turn on roaming on your phone. .

Map. If you'd like to increase your Data Roaming Cap to. Follow. You can also set alerts and caps for roaming through the Circles. . 61 per GB, which is a whole heap of value compared to our benchmark of 1 per GB.

Mar 15, 2023 Roaming is only available on the 28 mo Base Plan.

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Life&39;s 30GB, 50GB and 100GB plans have an average value of 0.


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